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Rigger Lift

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Rigger Lift

Rent a Rigger Lift when you need to move heavy items and big machines in tight spaces without a crane. Lift 120,000 lbs with the Rigger Lift R120!


120,000lbs at 24" Load Center


Basic Dimensions

189” Overall Extended Height
227” Overall Length - Face of Carriage to Counterweights
101” Overall Width
120” of Maximum Lift Height
150” Wheelbase




Truck Weight without Forks

Chassis (without Forks): 40,750 lbs

Truck Weight with Forks

Chassis (with Forks): 45,250 lbs
Counterweights (6 Slabs): 51,500 lbs
TOTAL WEIGHT (approx.): 96,750 lbs

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