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Choose from the top names in the industry: Versa-Lift, Broderson, Rigger Lift, Hilman, Grove, Bailey and more. We'll deliver your equipment nationwide, for short or long term projects.

Rigger Lift

Rent a Rigger Lift when you need to move heavy items and big machines in tight spaces without a crane. Lift 120,000lbs with the Rigger Lift R120!

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Industrial Telehandlers

Its compact size and impressive capabilities make it an excellent choice for moving heavy loads in manufacturing and heavy industrial applications.

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Twinlift 40 Ton

Our Twinlift is a field favorite among rigging contractors for machine installations, and for in-plant rigging operations (up to 80,000 lbs).

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Hilman Traksporter

Rent the Hilman Traksporter to move heavy awkward objects in tight areas where it is difficult or impossible to use a forklift or other means. The Hilman Traksporter systems integrate a three point moving system where the front steerable unit is fully powered and operated by remote control. This design offers accuracy, ease of use, and safety.

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Carry Deck Cranes

Ideal for lifting materials that requires a compact low-profile crane that can clear overhead obstacles and maneuver in tight spaces, the versatile Broderson IC 250 is ideal for many industrial and maintenance applications.

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Specialized Cranes

The Brandon 6 Telehandler provides extensive glass lifting capability. Other materials can be lifted including metals, granite, quartz, building panels and even concrete. This has significantly more reach than the competition.

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Motorized Scaffolds

Motorized power scaffolds improve productivity and safety over stepladders and standard scaffolds while being environmentally friendly with no emissions and virtually no noise.

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Small Capacity Forklifts for Rent

We offer small capacity forklifts for warehouses with narrow aisles or environments with not enough room for safe backing or turning or obstructed views for operators. When you need compact power equipment rentals for job sites that require heavy lifting in narrow aisles and tight spaces, contact us.

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