Industrial Telehandlers

Check out our industrial telehandlers for rent. The Brandon 6 or Landoll Precision PT40 are both great choices for moving heavy loads on your jobsite.

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Brandon 6 Telehandler

The Brandon 6 Telehandler provides extensive material lifting capability with significantly more reach than the competition and various attachment options.

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Magni Rotating Telehandler

The Magni RTH 6.30 is a tough, high-performance rotating telescopic handler. It can lift loads to a height of 98 ft and is equipped with scissor stabilizers to ensure greater safety and stability during working maneuvers.

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Renting Telehandlers

Our industrial equipment rentals, like Telehandlers, offer impressive lift and forward reach and are perfect for a wide variety of material moving projects, even on rough terrain.

What is a Telehandler?

Telehandlers, or telescopic handlers, are multi-purpose machines that are used to lift, move and place material. Industrial telehandlers offer both heavy lifting capability with forward reach to accommodate your lifting/rigging project. Telehandlers are made to  handle rough terrain and many models offer various attachments to easily lift, move and place a variety of industrial materials.

Large Equipment for Every Heavy Lifting Project Jobsite Need

We provide industrial equipment rentals for all of your heavy lifting projects. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment or find a place to store large equipment, Doral Equipment Rental has a huge fleet of cranes, industrial forklifts, telehandlers, Traksporters and more available for short or long-term rental. We will deliver the equipment to your jobsite and pick it up when your project is finished.  Call us for a quote or visit our website for more detailed information on the equipment available for rent.

Telehandlers We Offer

Landoll Precision cushioned tire telehandlers are part of the world-class lineup of Landoll material handling products. The first precision telehandler model, the PT40 is a fresh design—new from the ground up. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the experts in the machinery moving and rigging industry, their compact size and impressive lifting capabilities also make them an excellent choice for moving heavy loads in manufacturing and heavy industrial applications.

Brandon 6 telehandlers provide extensive material lifting capability, including glass, metals, granite, quartz, building panels and even concrete. These compact telehandlers have significantly more reach than the competition.

Magni rotary telehandlers are extremely versatile and flexible machines. They are used for many applications being able to equip various accessories such as forks, winches and platforms and being equipped with 360 ° rotation. All Magni lifts work in complete safety, thanks to the patented load control system that detects the risks of overload during use and inhibits further aggravating movements.

Industrial Equipment & Telehandler Availability  

We offer a wide range of heavy-lifting equipment to fit your project whether that is one day or several months. Complete the job on your timeline. We are located near Milwaukee, WI, but deliver equipment nationwide. Find much more information about our rental equipment online, request a quote online or call 262-445-4455.

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