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Landoll Precision Telehandler PT40

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Landoll Precision Telehandler PT40

The Landoll Precision Telehandler PT40 rental is designed specifically to meet the needs of the experts in the machinery moving and rigging industryIts compact size and impressive capabilities make it an excellent choice for moving heavy loads in manufacturing and heavy industrial applications 

By generating maximum torque at much lower speeds than the automotive engines, the PT40 operates at lower RPM, creating a quieter, safer working environmentThe PT40 has an impressive lift capability of 20 tons to a height of 20 feet. 

  • 96" of telescopic reach   
  • 40,000 lb. capacity at 24-inch load center 
  • Compact lowered height can lift 20 tons up to 20 feet 
  • 88” tall x 6’ wide 
  • 20’ reach & lift 
  • 27’ to jib eye and 6 tons of removable counterweight 
  • Single joystick control of all boom movements, including true vertical life and true horizontal reach 
  • Auto-leveling fork tilt with a manual override 
  • Fine-feathering hydraulics ensure smooth and precise load positioning 
  • Smooth hydrostatic drive is controlled by a comfortable foot treadle 
  • The deep reduction planetary wheel hubs generate 20,000 pounds of tractive effort and can propel a 20-ton load up to a 24% grade 
  • Radio remote control allows many jobs to be completed with only one operator 
  • Add on the optional feature (PT48) of the aux counterweight for 48,000 lb. capacity at a 24’’ load center. Weights: 
  • Hang-On Aux CTW: 4,300 lbs. 
  • Hang-On Aux CTW Rack: 470 lbs. 
  • LP & gas dual fuel 

See the PT-40 in action:


See the PT-48 attachment in action:

PT-48 attachment for PT-40

Wireless Remote Control

All PT40 drive and lift functions can be controlled via a wireless transmitter, allowing a single operator to observe the entire work environment without being confined to the operator’s station.

7" Color LCD Display




  • Engine: GM 3.0L 91hp at 3000rpm 
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic, 0-6mph infinitely variable 
  • Hydraulic System: Load sensing, pressure compensated 
  • Hydraulic Filtration: 3-micron synthetic element 
  • Electrical: Sealed IP66 Minimum 
  • Tires: 28x10x22, front duals, rear singles 
  • Gradeability: 24% with 40,000-pound load 
  • Tractive Effort: 20,000 pounds 


Two outer counterweights each weigh 4,350 pounds; the central counterweight weighs 3,200 pounds. Removing all three counterweights results in a 25,000-pound empty weight with a 20,000-pound capacity (24” load center). 

Add on the optional feature (PT48) of the aux counterweight for 48,000 lb. capacity at a 24’’ load center. Weights:  

  • Hang-On Aux CTW: 4,300 lbs.  
  • Hang-On Aux CTW Rack: 470 lbs. 

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