Motorized Scaffolds

Safer than ladders and easy to transport. That's a win-win on any project or job site.

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Renting Motorized Scaffolds

Our industrial equipment rentals, like Motorized Power Scaffolds, improve productivity and safety over stepladders and standard scaffolds while being environmentally friendly with no emissions and virtually no noise.

What are Motorized Scaffolds?

Motorized Work Platforms, or Motorized Scaffolds, combine the versatility of a scaffold with the power of the electric drive train. Motorized scaffolds are much lighter than scissors lifts making them easier to transport and safer to use on floors with a lower load rating. Motorized scaffolds are much safer to operate than stepladders and very economical to rent.

Large Equipment for Every Heavy Lifting Project Jobsite Need 

We provide industrial equipment rentals for all of your heavy lifting projects. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment or find a place to store large equipment, Doral Equipment Rental has a huge fleet of cranes, industrial forklifts, telehandlers, Traksporters, motorized scaffolds, specialty cranes and more available for short or long-term rental. We will deliver the equipment to your jobsite and pick it up when your project is finished.  Call us for a quote or visit our website for more detailed information on the equipment available for rent. 

Motorized Scaffolds We Offer

The Power Snappy Motorized Work Platform combines the versatility of a scaffold with the power of an electric drive train. It has a 500-lb. capacity and a 30% increase in productivity over using stepladders. The Power Snappy M motorized scaffold only weighs 300 lbs. making it safe to use on surfaces with lower load ratings. The Power Snappy M runs off of a rechargeable 35-AmpHr battery pack. You can easily charge the unit with a standard 110v wall outlet. All Power Snappy’s are made in the USA!

Large Equipment & Carry Deck Crane Availability 

We offer a wide range of heavy-lifting equipment to fit your project whether that is one day or several months. Complete the job on your timeline. We are located near Milwaukee, WI, but deliver equipment nationwide. Find much more information about our rental equipment online, request a quote online or call 262-445-4455.

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