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Power Snappy Motorized Work Platforms

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Power Snappy Motorized Work Platforms

Improve Productivity - Manpower is enhanced over stepladders and standard scaffold in many cases by reducing the time wasted by moving devices and climbing up and down.

Loaded with Safety features - 

Complete guard rails are provided and open at both ends for easy boarding access.

G-pin and snap pin technology secure the arm braces on the power snappy.

The brake system is auto-locking. When the throttle is off, the Snappy automatically has the brakes applied.

Custom joystick steering has adjustable speed control and soft start/stop for safer operation.

Removable keys prevent unwanted use. Complete guard rails are provided and open at both ends for easy boarding access.

It Fits - Move from floor to floor on multi-story buildings via elevator, and drive it right on through doorways, impossible to do with a scissors lift.

Easy Transport - The Power Snappy can be broken down and transported in the back of a pickup truck, and can easily be moved by two people.

Powerful Electric Motors - The Power Snappy is driven by two electric 24v hub motors, making it environmentally friendly - no emissions and virtually no noise. Motors are enclosed making them dust resistant.

Rechargable - the Power Snappy runs off of a rechargable 35 AmpHr battery pack. Easily charge the unit with a standard 110v wall outlet.

Made in the USA All Power Snappy’s are made in the USA.







Power Snappy Model M Specs

Model M

Walkboard height adjusts from: 24” – 60” H
Overall Dimensions: 31”W x 60”L
Deck Capacity: 500 lbs.
Weight: 300 pounds


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