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Brandon 6 Telehandler

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Brandon 6 Telehandler

The Brandon 6 Telehandler rental provides extensive glass lifting capability with significantly more reach than the competition. Other materials can be lifted including metals, granite, quartz, building panels and even concrete. 


Proportional Controls: Electric Joystick for Proportional Lift and Extend. Includes 2-Speed HI/LOW switch for precise slow speed control.
Boom: Base unit, 2 telescoping booms and one manual pull-out boom. Attachments replace pull-out boom.
Hydraulics: Gear Pump with Load Sense Dump.
Drive: 2 Wheel Drive and Braking with Joystick and Speed Dial to best provide inching control.
Rated Load Limiter: Displays rated load and actual load. Stops when rated load is reached. Detects which attachment is installed and automatically adjusts load parameters.
Progressive Function Control: Adjusts the maximum drive and lift speeds to limit unsafe operation based on the following:


  •  24 Feet (7.33M) of Vertical Reach
  • 16 Feet (4.88M) of Horizontal Reach
  • 5,500 Lbs + Attachment
  • Woods Power Grip system
  • 2 Wheel Drive, 2 Wheel Brakes
  • 24 Volt Battery Powered



Glass Install






Hook Capacity: 6,000 lbs

Fork Capacity: 2,500 lbs

Winch Capacity: 3,000 lbs

Glazier Capacity: 1,100 lbs

Robot or Jib Capacity: 1,000 lbs

Reach: Industry leading reach with below grade capability.

Battery Power: 24V 435Amp-Hour

Electric Motor: 6HP Fan Cooled DC

Weight: 5,500 Lbs + Attachment

Steering: Rear Wheel

Charger: On-board 110 Volts AC

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