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The Hilman Traksporter rental is a self-propelled crawler system designed to move heavy machinery or other heavy objects safely, easily and efficiently while not damaging the floor surface.




Powered 3-Point Moving System The Hilman Traksporter integrates a three point moving system where the front steerable unit is fully powered and operated by remote control. This design offers accuracy, ease of use, and safety.

The Crawler is a remote controlled steering and drive mechanism that is used to direct the movement of whatever is being moved.


The Crawler_Doral Equipment Rental

  • A turntable with aggressive anti-slip pattern on top and bearings underneath allow the crawler to rotate under the machine being moved.
  • Two steel tracks controlled via joystick on the remote control allow the crawler to push, pull and turn 360 degrees.
  • Precision-made steel track pads will not damage smooth concrete floors.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a pair of unpowered rear dollies that allow the tracks to follow the contour of the concrete and help distribute the load evenly.
  • Optional 55 Ton Turtleback has a direct load capacity of 110,000 lbs. and overall capacity of 100 tons.
  • Crawler unit measures 26″ L x 31″ W x 6″H


 The Power Unit provides power to the Crawler.  It is also used to store the Crawler when not in use.


The Power Unit_Doral Equipment Rental




Traksporter with Load_Doral Equipment Corp


  • Has 30-foot long umbilical that houses the hydraulic lines to the Crawler.
  • Runs on a 23hp LPG powered Kubota engine that can also be custom designed to run on a 25hp electric motor.
  • Optional Tool Cart is available that can supply a full complement of accessories such as jacks, pumps, hoses, wedges, pads, cylinders, etc.
  • Power unit measures 65″ L x 30″ W x 44″ H


55 Ton Turtleback Attachment

Turtleback_Doral Equipment Rental


The Hilman Turtleback has a direct load capacity of 55 tons! 


Basic Specifications



Length: 65” (1651 mm)
Width: 30” (762 mm)
Height: 47” (1194 mm)
Weight with Crawler: 2200 lb (998 kg)
Weight without Crawler: 1660 lb (753 kg)
Rear wheel drive (hydraulic)
Front wheel steering (hydraulic)
Engine: Kubota Model DF752-BI-A
3 cylinder, liquid cooled, 24 hp (17.9 kW), propane
fueled, 12 volt, low oil pressure shut down switch
Travel Speeds: Approx. 150 ft/min (46 m/min) or 1.75 mph
Forward and reverse.
Hydraulics: ISO 46W oil for operation between
+100° F (38º C) and +30° F (-1º C)
(for operation other than above specifications, consult
** Circuit reservoir holds approximately 35 gallons of hydraulic oil**
Hydraulic Filter: 3 Micron
Hydraulic System Pressure: Adjustable from 0 – 2400 psi (0-165 bar)
Hydraulic Relief Setting: 2700 psi (186 bar)

Length: 26” (660 mm)
Width: 31” (787 mm)
Height: 6.5” (
Weight: 540 lb (245 kg)
Turning Radius: Near zero turn radius
Hose: 30’ (9.1 m)
Two (2) independent tracks driven by four (4) hydraulic motors, controlled by two (2)
two-way hydraulic proportional valves.
Travel speed is adjustable 0-25 ft/min (7.6 m/min) going forward, reverse, and
Capacity directly down on Crawler unit is 60,000 lb (267 kN) maximum.


Omnex Controls
900 MHz frequency
300 ft (91 m) operating range
Transmitter powered by 4 “C” Alkaline Batteries

Traksporter Operations and Service Manual

Traksporter Power Cart Startup

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