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Motorized Dolly - ELECTRIC

No room for a forklift on your jobsite?  Working in a food plant or other location where exhaust fumes are not allowed? Rent the TK EVO to move heavy, awkward objects in tight areas with No Cords, No Emissions and No Noisy Disruptions!

The TK-EVO's low profile and compact size allows it to fit into very tight spaces. They provide smooth continuous power to navigate corners non-stop and with maximum control.

TK-EVO_Doral Equipment Rental



Great for use on special flooring including clean rooms, healthcare facilities, microchip manufacturing plants, tunnels and more!


 Electric Traksporter_Doral Equipment Rental




Customers are impressed with the quickness of the move and the minimal disruption to their operation.

  • 2 speed settings with proportional control forward and reverse
  • Skid steer type crawler using two independent parallel track
  • Long range wireless transmitter with rechargeable battery
  • Quick release battery mounting for fast change out even under load


Watch the Traksporter in action, moving loads up to 100 tons!




Length 41"  (1041mm)
Width 36"  (914mm)
Height 6.4"  (163mm) without pad
Crawler Only 20 Tons  (44,100 lbs)
Trailer Only 20 Tons  (44,100 lbs)
Combined Load 40 Tons  (88,200 lbs)

*Based on flat/level riding surface

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