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The Junior Mini Crane

The Junior Mini Crane

The Junior Mini Crane provides extensive glass lifting capability with significantly more reach than the competition. Other materials can be lifted including metals, granite, quartz, building panels and even concrete.

Need more lifting capacity? Check out The Brandon, also available to rent!


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  • 20 Feet (6.1M) of Vertical Reach
  • 11 Feet (3.35M) of Horizontal Reach
  • 4275 LB (1939 Kg) Machine Weight
  • Woods Power Grip system
  • 24 Volt Battery Powered


Proportional Controls: Electric Joystick for Proportional Lift and Extend. Includes 2-Speed HI/LOW switch for precise slow speed control.

Drive: Rear Wheel Hydraulic Drive with Joystick and Speed Dial for precise control.

Rated Load Limiter: Displays rated load and actual load. Stops when rated load is reached. Detects which attachment is installed and automatically adjusts load parameters.

Progressive Function Control: Adjusts the maximum drive and lift speeds to limit unsafe operation based on the

  • Steering Angle (Drive slow with tight radius)
  • Boom Height and Reach
  • Lifted Load (Slow when closer to limit)


Brandon Omni Monitor on Chassis

Rated Load Limiter - Automatically detects attachment and adjusts loading parameters

Optional Stabilizers

Optional Stabilizers

Brandon Omni Removable Battery Box

Removable Battery Box





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Winch Capacity: 1,950 lbs

Hook Capacity: 1,950 lbs

Fork Capacity: 1,950 lbs

Glazier Capacity: 1,000 lbs

Robot or Jib Capacity: 1,000 lbs

Reach: Industry leading reach with
below grade capability.

Battery Power: 24V 435Amp-Hour

Weight: 4,275 lbs

Steering: Rear Wheel

Charger: On-board 110 Volts AC

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