Enerpac SL60

The SL60 hydraulic gantry is a safe and efficient solution for lifting and positioning heavy loads. With a lifting capacity of 67 tons (600 kN) and a maximum lift height of 16.26 ft. (4956 mm), the SL60 is a cost effective alternative to a traditional crane for numerous applications.

Each tower is equipped with a two-stage telescopic cylinder. All Enerpac gantries comply with the ASMEB30.1-2015 safety standard and are witness tested by an independent third party.



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  • Self-contained hydraulics: enables an easier setup and eliminates trip hazards associated with hydraulic hoses

  • Self-propelled wheels: provides synchronized travel in a smooth continuous manner

  • Wireless control unit: easy synchronized control and monitoring of lifting and travel operations while providing optimum visibility of the load


  • Side shift: electric drive unit for shifting a load along the header beam, sold in sets of 4 (optional transportation stand available)

    - Header beams: available in 19.68 ft. (6 m) and 26.24 ft. (8 m) lengths, sold in pairs

    - Lifting lugs: mechanical links connected to the header beam for lifting a load, sold in sets of 4

    - Skid track: provides a level surface for proper operation of gantry and reduction of ground bearing pressures, sold in 9.84 ft. (3 m) and 19.68 ft. (6 m) sections

    - Tarpaulin Cover: provides protection from the elements for the gantry leg during storage"

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